Taxation Services

Taxation-ServicesWe provide the full range of professional taxation services to both individuals and businesses, and have been doing so since 1983. As a top CPA firm, we are dedicated to helping our clients with the highest level of tax accounting services for the best value possible. Our extensive experience makes us the perfect tax preparation firm to help you with tax planning and preparation. We offer corporate and individual tax preparation and planning services as well as estate and trust tax planning, international tax consulting and IRS representation. We built our firm through constant dedication to our clients’ success and by providing the highest quality service possible. Having a tax preparation firm that can help you understand, plan and implement a tax strategy can have a major impact on your financial success.

Corporate Tax Return Preparation

We provide corporate tax return preparation services to all types of businesses in all industries. Having a tax preparation firm that has the expertise and experience to ensure your taxes are prepared in the best possible way is very important for every business. We help you ensure you are maximizing every tax advantage your business is eligible for and give you quality service you can rely on.

Individual Tax Preparation

We provide our clients with individual tax preparation services of the highest quality and caliber. We ensure that you get the best tax service for a fantastic value that can not be found anywhere else. Proper tax preparation ensures you get the maximum tax return and you are maximizing every tax advantage and tax break you are eligible for. We work extremely hard to ensure that you are satisfied with how your taxes are prepared.  We go above and beyond to make sure you know about all potential tax breaks that you may be eligible for. When it comes time to file taxes you can count on Ram Associates to help you out. Learn more about our individual tax preparation services.

Corporate Tax Planning

Regardless of what type of business you run, it is essential you understand how your business is affected by federal and state taxes and laws. We help all types of businesses with corporate tax planning to help you understand and strategize your business’ finances and maximize tax savings and benefits. Having an expert CPA firm with the right knowledge and understanding of taxation and accounting laws is crucial to set yourself up for success.

Individual Tax Planning

An important part of planning your personal financial goals is making sure you take tax planning into account. Having a CPA firm that are experts on taxation and accounting can help you properly set goals and plan for your financial success. Whether your financial goals involve children’s education, home ownership, retirement, savings or something else, there are a number of things you must plan for in order to maximize your tax savings and benefits. Having an expert assist you in planning for these things is the best way to achieve your financial goals. Learn more about our individual tax planning services.

Estate and Trust Tax Planning

If you have an estate or a trust, it is important to understand and set it up in the best way possible for tax purposes. We provide estate and trust tax planning services to assist with understanding tax laws and code behind estates and trusts, so you can plan these in the best way for you and your beneficiaries.

IRS Representation

Our expertise as a tax preparation firm gives us the knowledge and understanding to deal with any IRS or tax issues you may encounter. We help our clients deal with instances in which they require IRS representation or representation with state taxation agencies. We work to send proper documentation and letters and notices in order to solve any tax issues you have and assist you through the entire process of solving any problems you have.

International Tax Consulting

For individuals or businesses with international accounts or operations, international tax consulting and planning are very important aspects of properly planning your finances. Understanding international tax law will allow you to design strategies to maximize tax benefits and savings based on your goals.

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