CFO Services

Every small or large company needs a wide range of financial services that allows it to function smoothly as well as make sure that it meets various compliance regulations. To make sure that such complex tasks are handled in the best manner possible, it is necessary to have a designated Chief Financial Officer (CFO) take up those important finance related responsibilities. A CFO operates as a finance controller who can offer advice to management about financial strategies, growth strategies, coming up with workable financial frameworks as well as counsel CEO or business owner on understanding changing economic and market dynamics. It may not be always feasible to have dedicated CFO for a firm and hence third party services may lend itself well in those scenarios.

At Ram Associates, we offer our clients with customizable and flexible CFO services that can in turn help them to manage their finances in an organized and systematic manner. Whether you are the owner of a small, medium or large company, our professional financial manager can work together with you to take your enterprise to greater heights of success. Our CFO service packages are flexible enough to meet your varying needs and we can tailor our expertise to cater to your specific requirements.

Our CFO services can bring you the following benefits:

  • Better understanding of all financial aspects of your business which can allow you to have greater control over your money
  • Allow you to manage your time efficiently so that you have the freedom to focus on core business issues and deal with customers, clients and services
  • Improved decision-making capabilities that allow you to have complete clarity on all aspects of your business
  • Expertise that allows you to take tough business decisions with greater effectiveness and have transparency with business plans
  • You will have the assurance that the financial aspect of your business is taken care of by a competent professional
  • Implementing strong financial controls within the business that helps in reducing possible employee thefts and enhance profits
  • Improving timeliness and quality of all financial information
  • Profitability analysis according to service and product lines
  • CFO-Services

  • Training and managing the accounting staff
  • Preparation and monitoring of the budget
  • Trend analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Tax optimization strategies
  • PE/VC/IPO management
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Analytics
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Turnaround management
  • Transaction support
  • Exit strategy development
  • Reviewing and negotiating for insurance policies
  • Assistance for obtaining financial support from banks
  • Assistance with banking negotiations
  • Developing a company’s accounting procedure manuals
  • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis of financial transactions like equipment purchases and expansions
  • Collection procedures and policies custom-designed to meet specific needs
  • Support when it comes to defining long-range plans as well as dealing with quantification of goals
  • Maintaining effective communication with vendors, attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, and other associated professionals

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