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Business firms often look for local partners or investors to collaborate with so that they can improve the prospects of a particular business. Partnership businesses always have distinct legal and financial aspects that are different from other types of businesses. So if you are thinking of partnering with another investor, then you will need to make use of partnership accounting services to manage the various financial operations of your company. We at Ram Associates can present you and your company with comprehensive partnership accounting services that can benefit your joint venture in more ways than one.Partner-Search

At Ram Associates, you can expect complete support when it comes to the following types of transactions and situations associated with partnership businesses:

  • Contribution of funds
  • Contribution of assets other than monetary funds
  • Withdrawal of assets
  • Withdrawal of funds
  • Allocation of profit and loss
  • Tax reporting
  • Loans from partners
  • Goodwill
  • Admission of new partners

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