Technology & Software

About the industry

The technology & software industry has literally changed the way the world works over last few decades. New technological developments have been made at each and every aspect of our lives, and this has revolutionized business, education, tourism, retail and medicine. The increased demand for software solutions is leading new companies to come up almost at every part of the globe on a regular basis. These companies, like any other business, require the right kind of CPA services that can ensure their long term growth and progress. By having appropriate CPA services, they can enhance their external and internal productivity several notches higher.

Kind of services required

Technology and software firms need tailored CPA services at all times to manage their resources, create effective business plans, assess market requirements, minimize production costs and reduce losses. There are a wide range of services that CPA firms can present to software and technology companies. These include accounting services, bookkeeping services, tax preparation, tax planning, setup and training services for Quickbooks, payroll services, advisory services for new business, research and development tax credit reviews, cost capitalization guidance, internal audits, management assertion testing, financial projections and forecasts, customized assurances. All of these services help technology firms to plan and execute their business moves much more efficiently.

What RAM Associates can do for you

RAM Associates is a leading CPA firm that has extensive industry experience in dealing with technology and software business clients. We can provide high value solutions to clients that help them in every step of the way to enhance the level and quality of their productivity. Our experts have helped countless companies before with business specific financial solutions that have in turn helped them to enhance production speed and keep up with a fast changing and competitive industry. Once you contact us, we will go through your individual requirements and set up accounting plans that allow us to meet your company’s goals.