About the industry

Retail is a thoroughly consumer driven industry wherein business firms are constantly trying to have an edge over their competitors. It is a challenging environment where the trends and practices of business are always going through a constant change and the companies are needed to keep up with it. In order to ensure retail growth, companies need to maintain their profit margins even though they need to keep up with a changing industry. To do this, they need to concentrate on operations, make sure that all of their revenues are used in the optimum manner and minimize overall operating costs.

Kind of services required

The retail industry requires a number of services that regularly allow them to manage their operational costs, ensure the best usage of resources and enhance profits. Their CPA requirements also involve making statements and documents that show the company’s compliance with various environmental, social and legal regulations. Some of the services that are required in the retail industry include financial statement reviews, audits, compilations as well as other attest services; cost segregation studies; CFO services; store profitability analyses, procuring bank financing, cost segregation studies, projections, tax planning and tax compliance, particularly for the franchisors and franchisees and CAM or common area maintenance audits.

What RAM Associates can do for you

At RAM Associates, our CPA and CFO experts have years of experience in serving retail clients and we can deliver comprehensive and detailed services to you that are in line with your retail needs. When you get in touch with us, we will first try and understand how you plan to operate your business and what are the specific needs of your enterprise. No two companies are the same and we always focus on presenting our clients with 100% customized services that are in line with their unique requirements. Our services will help the finances of your company grow from strength to strength over time.