Real Estate

About the industry

The real estate industry is one of the fastest developing sectors in the world and therefore it requires tax accounting and business advisory services that are specific to this industry. A real estate company is always involved with a number of different transactions, such as development of commercial and residential projects, property acquisitions, creating new real estate portfolios, value enhancements of old legal properties, etc. Real estate companies also need refinancing the sales acquisitions for various properties, analysing the prospects of a particular property and reviewing various lease agreements for which it needs the assistance of professional CPA firms.

Kind of services required

It is therefore no surprise that the real estate industry is always in need of comprehensive accounting solutions that can help in realizing various business goals. Real estate companies often find themselves in the midst of carrying out lucrative property deals and during this time they require the support of experienced CPA professionals that can offer them accounting guidance on various deals. Among the different CPA services that are required by a real estate company are cost segregation studies for accelerating depreciation; cash flow analysis; budgeting and forecasting; internal accounting procedures; property valuations and estimations; strategic planning and lease analysis and reviewing.

What RAM Associates can do for you

For a long time, RAM Associates have been intimately involved with the real estate industry, offering top notch financial accounting solutions to companies that may in turn boost their market position. At RAM Associates, we believe in listening to the requirements of our clients and come up with honest solutions to various real estate accounting challenges. We can create various long term, short term and mid-sized goals to enhance your company’s performance and audit all results at the end of given periods. We can create tax strategies for you that help you in your long term goals and also help you to make sure that your financial papers are in line with federal, state and local guidelines.