Financial Services

About the industry

The financial services sector deals with various institutions like mortgage bankers, community banks, insurance brokerage firms, credit unions, asset managers, investment banks, hedge funds, broker dealers, private equity funds and registered investment advisers, all of which offer a range of services such as brokerage, investment and asset management solutions to various end users. They play a critical role when it comes to the management of personal and business finances and also serve national and global business and industry in more ways than one. It therefore becomes necessary that all of their accounting requirements are maintained with highest transparency and clarity to enhance their accountability on the minds of the end users that they serve.

Kind of services required

Institutions involved in the financial services sector require different types of accounting services that can enhance their productivity and efficiency as well as present them in positive light in the market. Among these services, some of the most important ones are audits of various financial statements, merger and acquisitions consulting, audits of the internal control over the financial reporting, preparation and analysis of tax provisions, stock-based or deferred compensation planning, planning and compliance for local, state and federal tax, collateral examinations and credit reviews. All of these services allow financial institutions to work on the details associated with their clients and the services they provide to them.

What RAM Associates can do for you

RAM Associates has extensive industry experience when it comes to dealing with the financial services sector. When you get in touch with us, we offer you more than simple industry knowledge. We always maintain a strong connection with our core services and take a multidisciplinary approach that caters to all of your accounting needs. The responsiveness that we provide you with can assist you in maximizing your efficiency. Our team of CPA professionals is thoroughly dedicated to provide clients with world class services at each and every step. We combine innovation and high precision to present you with state of the art CPA services.